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Entrants Information - Introduction


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By George Dawson – Chair Of Judges Anglia in Bloom – Tel. 01493 700394 Click here to e-mail


Welcome to Anglia in Bloom, the Eastern Region’s Premier    Horticultural and Environmental Campaign.


Participation in Anglia in Bloom makes an entrant a winner from the very start.


Entering shows that those who enter care about their community and the local environment. The moment the community takes the decision to enter, it can look forward to an exciting and rewarding year.


A year filled with action that will ultimately benefit everyone in the community. It will improve and enhance the local area for residents and visitors and by bringing together all sections will engender a stronger sense of community. 


It is through this co-operation – with everyone working together - that amazing things can be achieved.

In the past many areas have blossomed, as they have been changed from downtrodden, unkempt eyesores into veritable Gardens of Eden. There have been noticeable reductions in vandalism and litter that have transformed trouble spots into pleasant residential areas. By working together for change, not only will improvements and enhancement take place in village, town, city or community for the present year, foundations will be laid for the future.


Many different sections of the entry will be scrutinised by the judges. They will be seeking out examples of Horticultural Excellence, Sustainability, Environmental Improvements and Community Involvement and through the marking criteria these factors will be measured. In addition, the entry’s ability to control litter, graffiti and vandalism will be assessed. The Judges will confirm the improvements made in their report and through the award process, year on year improvements can be identified.


Please study our website competition pages carefully and follow the guidance notes and Judging Forms. By doing so your entry will be more enjoyable, and ensure marks are scored in each section. The main aim of In Bloom is the overall entry, but there are however, Special Awards given for specific areas that the judges consider outstanding. Try to nominate something for every special award as this will ensure that points are awarded in every section.


Share the responsibilities, encourage everyone to take part, including Local Government, retail businesses, industry, schools, young peoples clubs, scouts, guides, pubs, hotels, professional organisations, individual mums, tots and pensioners. Everyone can play a part in the success. Don’t forget to use the local press, it can publicise aims and achievements and support local projects and events to great effect.


The Anglia in Bloom Judges look forward to visiting the communities taking part in July. They enjoy seeing the entries and sharing the pride in their achievements. Enjoy the challenge! This is the best opportunity to be presented to a wider audience.


Make sure the Judges know exactly what is planned for them by sending them a well timed itinerary and a map of the judging route – with no surprises please! An easy to read well marked map to guide them to the meeting place with an identified parking area is also essential.


The judges all hope to be judging an Anglia in Bloom that is bigger to judge than ever before.


One last thing, although the name is ‘In Bloom’ suggesting lots of flowers this is not the case. There follows 10 definitions of ‘In Bloom’ showing many differing meanings, so don’t be put off, any community can take part and be successful: 

  •  The state of flowering.  

  •  To be in flower.         

  •  Bearing flowers.                                                        

  •  A state of perfection or loveliness.                     

  •  A flush or glow of complexion.                                        

  •  A delicate powdery surface deposit on plums, grapes or leaves.        

  •  An indication of freshness.                                                 

  •  Be in a healthy vigorous state.                

  •  To be in full beauty.     

  •  To flourish.

 Good Luck!


George Dawson

Chair Of Judges Anglia in Bloom


31 Chapelfield,



Norfolk NR13 3LY


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