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Entrants Information - Neighbourhood Awards Introduction


Its your Neighbourhood an RHS/Britain in Bloom Campaign

in partnership with all regional organisations including Anglia in Bloom

encouraging more involvement with the "in Bloom" campaign


Neighbourhood Awards Entry Form


Neighbourhood Participants Guidance Notes


Neighbourhood Assessment Guidance Notes


Neighbourhood Assessors Marking Sheet


Its your Neighbourhood - A Britain in Bloom Campaign.


  • Definitions of a Neighbourhood

  • A group.

  • Hands on

  • Representative of the community and/or getting input from the community.

  • Benefiting the community.

  • Volunteer led.

  • Sustainable over time.

  • Owned by the community.

  • Community responsible for the work.

Core pillars for Its Your Neighbourhood (in order of priority)

  • Community Participation

  • Environmental Responsibility.

  • Gardening Achievement.

Weighting of the core pillars.

  • Community Participation 40%

  • Environmental Responsibility 30%

  • Gardening Achievement 30%

 Levels of recognition and time limit

  • There are 5 levels of achievement / recognition. (Level 1 level 5, 5 being the highest level, see table under assessment form)

  • There is no time limit on how long a neighbourhood can participate.


  • Where possible a managed mentoring programme for Its Your Neighbourhood will be arranged.

  • A mentor can be a judge, a region /nation committee member, a member of a bloom group, or from an experienced neighbourhood entry.

  • Mentoring could be done at a distance via telephone or email.

  • Mentoring could be done by the same person who will do the assessing.



  • As Its Your Neighbourhood is non-competitive there are no judges but assessors

  • When the assessors visit it will be called an assessment.

  • The remit to the assessors will be that their role is akin to that of the mentor. The primary objectives of the assessment would be to provide constructive feedback and encouragement and to benchmarking groups/projects against the five levels of achievement.

Assessment forms

  • The total number of marks overall is 100

  • The total number of marks allocated to each section co-responds to the three core pillars.

  • There are several items listed within each section with no suggestion of marks. It is simply a list of things the group could or should be doing in the area.

  • The assessor will make a note of the items that are being attended to and give an overall mark to each section.

  • There will be a place for the overall score

  • The assessor will advise on the level of achievement.

  • The assessor will provide recommendations/advice on improvements/achievements.





Level 1

Just starting out


Level 2

Getting established


Level 3



Level 4

Thriving, bearing fruit


Level 5




Additional recognition

  • There will be A National Certificate of Distinction.

  • Regions/Nations will choose recipients

  • Each region/ nation can select one candidate per year, who attain this award, (if they choose to do so) to attend the Britain in Bloom Awards to receive their certificate.

NB further advice on this is to follow.








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